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PiForte is an I.T company poised at providing I.T solution and training. The training section is designed to provide the latest curriculum to students taking computer training courses.

We provide state of the art I.T solution ranging from App development to Web development.

The code school provides computer programming training and also entrepreneurial training. This is done not only to assist the students in bringing theirs ideas to live but also help in selling the same, also help get jobs online or offline or better still employ them to work on any of the PiForte – in – house projects.

Enrolment doesn’t require prior knowledge in programming as our syllabus goes a large extent to simplify the teaching for beginners and also detailed enough for advanced learner


The code school tuition fee is comparatively low and affordable.


The classes are designed to give the pupils practical experience and a direct interaction with instructors.


Students will get hardcopy certification after the program


Resources included

Students will have access to vast library which includes ebooks, audio books and videos for any programming language.

latest curriculum

Curriculum used are of international standard and are constantly upgraded.

expert instructor

Our instructors are well trained field expert and impeccable experience in respective field.

Vision Statement

Part of your success.

Our vision is to train, develop and mentor individuals through the use of Information technology; providing a platform for entrepreneurial practice and I.T solution for businesses.

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Admission is currently open to new students with basic computer skills.

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